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Academy vs Team Training

First and foremost, the Rangers Academy is a training academy.  This means, above all else we are focusing on the development of the player rather than focusing on developing the best teams.  Our belief is that as the player develops, so does the team.  Strong teams are made up of strong players, all working together and utilizing individual strengths to accomplish the goal of winning a game. 

All members of the club are considered to be academy members.  With this, each player has their own academy training session that runs one time per week throughout the year.  Academy practices are designed to develop the individual player by focusing on their weaknesses and turning these into strengths.  Members that chose to participate on a Rangers Team also have additional practices held each week that focus on team skills.  A typical week for a Rangers team player will involve two team practices, one academy practice and one game. (Fall & Spring).  While a typical week for an academy training only player will involve one academy practice through fall and spring and will add in a game day through winter if the player chooses to participate in the indoor leagues.