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school of excellence

The Rangers School of Excellence (SOE) is an elite soccer school designed to provide highly focused training on specific topics.  Each participant can choose to attend a session of 4 weeks that will focus on one particular area of their game.  Players wishing to develop their entire game should attend the Academy Practices and School of Excellence each week.

Who Can Participate?

The SOE is open and available for anyone, age 8 and over, wishing to further develop their soccer skills.  There are no commitments for this program other than showing up and attending the classes.  The program is open to everyone.  Sign up is conducted on a first come, first serve basis.  Academy and Rangers coaches may attend these classes free of charge if you are interested in developing your training skills.

Who conducts the Training?

All SOE classes are organized and conducted by certified Rangers Academy trainers.  Only instructors certified by the Club will be instructing the players in the school.

Our Curriculum Includes


  • ·         Acceleration, Agility, Coordination, Speed Training and Injury Prevention.
  • ·         Basic and Advanced Goal Keeper Training.
  • ·         Ball Mastery
  • ·         Receiving and passing low balls.
  • ·         Fast foot work.
  • ·         Special techniques to create space under pressure
  • ·         Receiving high balls
  • ·         Heading and Juggling
  • ·         The Art of Shooting
  • ·         Volley kicks and combination kicks
  • ·         Power drive / crosses / penalty kicks
  • ·         Individual Defensive techniques and tactics
  • ·         Individual Offensive techniques and tactics
  • ·         And many more….

To sign up for any school of excellence class, just sign up through your account on this website.