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Our Mission

The mission of the Rangers is to create a soccer environment that teaches respect for the game, oneself and their community in a manner that is empowering and builds self-confidence with every player. We will emphasize the development of each individual player to reach their desired potential knowing that through team work, mutual respect, humility and discipline all will achieve success on and off the field. 

Our commitment to our Rangers players and their families includes;

  • Promote the game of soccer and the growth of our members, teams and club.

  • Promote the concept of family and always prioritize the importance of family over the needs of the team.
  • Create an environment in which all players have the ability to reach their full potential and generate self confidence and positive self esteem.   
  • Encourage participation in activities outside of soccer that promote community awareness.
  • Encourage play in other school activities.  
  • Always treat our players, their families, our opponents and officials with respect.  This means focusing on positive reinforcement and encouragement.  We require our players and families to act in a similar fashion.