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Ages 5-7 (Discovery)

Child Development

Children in this age group are discovering new things every day, but they never spend too much time doing one thing.  Their attention spans are extremely limited with the players growth and learning being dictated by their level of physical maturity. 

Player Development Goal

At this age our objective is to develop physical literacy and basic skills with children through soccer participation.   Without speed, agility, balance or physical coordination, or the ability to run, jump, throw, kick, catch and control the body (sensory awareness), children will not only be incomplete as soccer players, but will also not have the confidence or competence to take part in many sporting activities.  

Players at this age participate in soccer primarily because they have fun.  They enjoy playing with their friends more than learning how to play the game of soccer, so activities are designed to help them learn soccer while satisfying this basic need. 

Basic technical skills are delivered primarily through games focusing on F U N (Foundation, Understanding, and Nurturing) activities, with 100% involvement at all times.   

Our Philosophy

Practices are limited to under 60 minutes in length and to no more than one time per week.  During practice, we design games and activities that allow the players to learn basic technical skills while participating in F U N games.  At this age, we do not include the players in competitive activities and design all activities to build basic skills and coordination among all players.

  • Practice is limited to under 60 minutes in length and no more than one time per week.
  • Soccer games are generally small sided (4v4 or less) to promote the greatest number of touches on the ball.
  • Equal play for all players.  Activities may or may not include a soccer ball.



There is no organized competition at this level and competitive game situations are not conducted.  All games are from within the club and we limit game exposure to recreational in nature. 


At this age, training is focused on a “practice / play” concept.  In the practice component, we are introducing basic technical components while fostering the development of player coordination.  The play is designed for the discovery of how their bodies work and the focus is less on soccer and more on developing coordination.  Activities are designed to be engaging for this age group, building a foundation for them to begin to develop their technical skills in an understanding and nurturing environment.

What does your child need from you?

A message from your child:  Mommy and Daddy, please be supportive and encouraging in everything I do.  Playing with other kids and listening to other adults can be very scary for me so help me build my self confidence and encourage me.  Sometimes I am more interested in picking flowers or just running around the field instead of kicking the soccer ball and that is ok.  I am learning and I am just having fun.  Although it might appear I am not learning anything, what I am learning is how my body works.  Please encourage me during my practices and always remember that there are no mistakes at this age.  Everything is about discovery.   ps; I really love cookies after practice......

Your child will need a size 3 soccer ball, shin guards, and outdoor soccer cleats.  When playing indoor, indoor soccer shoes or any running shoe will work.