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Player Development

We utilize an academy focus in developing our players.  The focus of the academy is to develop the individual technical skill of all players in the club.  This means all members of the club are a part of the academy first and foremost and during academy training we focus on the development of the individual player.  Academy practices are held weekly at a variety of locations and all Rangers players are encouraged to attend their age group. 

Players that have achieved a proficient level of technical development and physical development are invited to join a Rangers Academy Travel team.  The focus of the travel teams is to take the individual player and expose them to team concepts and tactics.

The Model Ranger will have;



A model Ranger will have no obvious weaknesses in their technique and have outstanding aptitude in some technical area(s) of;

  • Passing
  • Finishing
  • Heading
  • Attacking
  • Defending
  • Keeping
  • Playing 1v1
  • and so much more



A model Ranger will show outstanding intelligence, which involves;

  • Reading of situations the correct way
  • Making correct decisions on and off the field
  • The ability to cope with and show understanding of tactical information
  • Outstanding decision making abilities



A model Ranger will have an attitude that is;

  • Positive
  • Determined
  • Able to deal with advice & criticism
  • Outgoing
  • Focused



The strength of a Ranger comes from;

  • Thought and decisions.

The speed of a Ranger comes from;
  • Proper movement, speed and fluency.