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Dec, 2017

Revised Indoor Session 1 Team Lists

We updated the U10 groupings for the next two weeks.  Please see below for more details.

Listed below are all the players and teams for the 1st session of Indoor Soccer on Saturdays at the CCC.

Mini-Rangers (9am)
Collin Anderson
Alexandria Baumgartner
Xavier Baumgartner
Kolten Brown
Maddox Brown
Ava Christlieb
Jaxson Dale
Kayden Dale
Ephraim Devries
Raya Devries
Bently Fultz
Johnathyn Grimm
Lillyn Grimm
Karla Isa
Tate Kitchen
Hollis Knox
Remi Knox
Luca Leavell
Mackenzie Parker
Maddison Parker
Cooper Penland
Brynn Ravellette
Leah Ravellette
Danica Sattison
Evan Shaffer
Eric Smith
John Kevin Thon

U12 Group 10:00
Players should bring both a Navy and Red shirt.  We will have shirts for new players. 
Victor Barreto
Ryan Breen
Carter Cox
Kyle Curtis
Cameron Elias
Ryker Elias
Brian Handshoe
Benji Hazbic
Samuel Holben
Parker Jaeger
Brady Jones
Kennedy Marquardt
Deegan Munk
Carter Neumann
Piper Owsley
Nathanael Rigsby
Cooper Smith
Logan Straessle
Peyton Straessle
Owan Tackett
Isaac Thomas
Evan Worden
Kyson Yoder

U14 Group (11:00am, 12pm or 1pm)
Please note the following:
- One team each week will play a double header each week so check the schedule accordingly

- See either the Club Calendar or the "Indoor Session 1 Schedule" in the News & Announcements section for your game times and team colors each week.  

Fire Crew Impact
Oscar Avila Jace Benson Raj Chaudhari
Riley Black Nolan Buehner Alex Collins
Reid Eagan Lexi Gordon Nate Fillenwarth
Natalie Ebert Aida Haynes Emily Fry
Carson Haiflich Ryan Klingenberger Kylie Fry
Gage Hankey Kale Merillat Isaac Garrison
Nicholas Roberts Kenneth Miller Dylan Krueckeberg
Rosey Stephens Preston Newman Trevor Lemert
Austin Straessle Carter Norrick Chase Miser-Buhite
Xeydm Ullom Brody Wilges Lacie Stanley
Katie Witte Colin Wright Aiden Windsor
Vincent Worden  

U10 Group

12/9 - 2:00 U10 Group 12/16 - 2:00 U10 Group
Liam Ahdel Ethan Bailey
Romeo Avila Bryson Crawford
Ethan Bailey Tanner Dangler
Ryker Ball Nick Kleber
Bryson Crawford Evan Kolar
Tanner Dangler Mikaela Kolar
Nick Kleber Brandon Krueckeberg
Evan Kolar Reed Miller
Mikaela Kolar Reese Norrick
Reed Miller Elena Norrick
Elena Norrick Ren Peterson
Ren Peterson Nick Rex
Nick Rex Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice Eliana Shaffer
Eliana Shaffer Brett Stephens
Landric VanderMade Damon Wetzel
Damon Wetzel Adrian Wicker
Johnny Wood Johnny Wood
Claire Woodcox Claire Woodcox
Leo Zink Leo Zink
12/9 - 3:00 U10 Group 12/16 - 3:00 U10 Group
Eli DeVries Liam Ahdel
Isaac DeVries Romeo Avila
Riley Jones Ryker Ball
Brandon Krueckeberg Eli DeVries
Jayden Lewis Isaac DeVries
Reese Norrick Riley Jones
Brett Stephens Jayden Lewis
Jordan Taylor Jordan Taylor
Adrian Wicker Landric VanderMade
Weber Yarian Weber Yarian