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Welcome to the Rangers Academy

Our Expert Trainers and Coaches

Samir Hazbic

Director of Coaching
Phone: 260-804-5172



About Samir Hazbic: The best way to explain Samir is that he has forgotten more about the game of soccer than most will ever know.  He has been playing soccer for over 30 years, playing at the top levels in Europe for over 10 years.  He was awarded a UEFA B license after completion of professional playing career and then went on to train the Bosnian National Team.   Samir is a highly technical coach and can analyze and correct problems with even the most advanced players.   

Welcome - "Welcome to the Rangers Academy.  I would like to personally thank you for being a part of this club and let you know that I am fully devoted to making you the best soccer player and individual that I can.  My background in playing professionally with the top players in the world gives me a unique perspective and advantage in providing you with skills that can make you extremely successful.  Becoming a great soccer player does not just involve learning the skills.  It involves eating properly, exercising daily and developing habits that will give you an advantage over all other players.  I am excited to teach you how I became an elite athlete and how you too can accomplish the goal of playing at the top levels."   




Sam Weicht

Rangers Coach
Phone: 260-385-2096

Email: sweicht@dekalbcentral,net


About Sam Weicht:  Sam served at the varsity girls coach for the DeKalb Barons soccer team for several years where he had great success in creating one of the top and most respected soccer programs in the area.  Sam has a unique ability to train girls to be dominate players and to give them opportunities beyond high school.  

Michael Rayburn

Rangers Coach
Phone:  260-739-2299

About Mike: I have a unique perspective on training our Rangers players as I was a Rangers Player in the U18 Boys group.  This experience allows me to educate my team members based on the best methods that were taught to me.  I have been playing soccer since I was 10 years old and continue playing the game today.  I have an E license and am currently working on achieving my D license. 


Paul Cook

Rangers Coach


About Paul:  I have been playing soccer for 29 years including 4 years of travel soccer and 3 years of college soccer at Trine University. I have coached off and on since college, with my first head coaching job at Hamilton High School for 3 seasons. My next job was a boys assistant at Heritage High School for 1 season. A few years later I was an assistant coach for a girls travel team for 2 years. That lead me to 6 seasons as a head coach of girls soccer at East Noble High School. Finally, I have just completed my first year as a
head coach for the Rangers. During this time I have attended some coaching seminars and earned my "D" coaching License.

Jack Ryan
Rangers Goal Keeping coach

Phone: 260-271-3376