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About Us
The Rangers Academy is based in Auburn, Indiana and provides high level, professional soccer training to kids of all abilities.  Our belief is that all kids have the ability to become great soccer players.  Through using our experience, along with the 100+ year history of the Rangers Football Club in Scotland, our program continually develops some of the best soccer players in the area. 

The Rangers Academy is divided into the “Academy”, which focuses on individual player development and “Teams”, which focus on the team tactics and overall development.   The purpose the Rangers teams is to develop team tactics and skills of all players.  We work on strategies and concepts of working together to achieve a specific goal. 

Rangers players are taught to be able to quickly recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their fellow players and are able to modify their style of play to accentuate or support the strengths and weaknesses of others.  Rangers can play a supportive role or can take control of a situation at a moment’s glance.