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Rangers Football Club

We have an exclusive partnership with the Rangers Football Club, based out of Glasgow, Scotland.  Our club is one of two clubs in the United States to have such a partnership.  The Rangers Football Club holds 54 Scottish League Championships, 33 Scottish Cups and 27 Scottish League Cups and boosts winning the European Cup in 1972 and being runners up in 1961 and 1967. With our affiliation with this organization, we have access to the expert training staff and methods used to develop some of the best players in the world. 

Our staff receive training and support from the Rangers Football Club throughout the year.  Our academy training program is designed based on the youth models that Scotland uses to create some of the best players in the world.  Each winter, one of the Rangers Football Club’s trainers comes to the US to evaluate our programs and provides our coaches and trainers expert advice on ways to improve our training.  In June, the Rangers Soccer Schools puts on a week long camp allowing 100 kids and our coaches to be trained by their professional trainers.  At this camp, our club selects two outstanding players to travel to Scotland and attend their world renowned residential camp.  Finally, our U14 teams each year are allowed the opportunity if they desire to travel to Scotland as a team to be trained by the Rangers and to play against teams from all over the world.  No other club in the United States has such a professional, well established support system.

Player Identification Camp 

Each Summer the Rangers Football Club holds a professional level soccer camp in cooperation with the Rangers Academy.  This camp is designed to provide players with the opportunity to be part of the Rangers Football Club, and have the full Rangers experience.  Over the years, the Rangers camps in the USA and Canada have grown in strength and all players attending enjoy a magnificent learning experience and are exposed to top level training by professional coaches.  The Rangers coaches are specifically selected based upon their experience and qualifications in working with players of all ages and abilities. 

As a part of our organization, Rangers Academy players have the opportunity for early enrollment and are able to attend this camp at a discounted price.


What the camp provides our players and coaches;

  • Player scouting opportunities
  • A total soccer experience in challenging, fun and safe environments
  • Highly qualified, hand-picked professional coaching staff from the Rangers Football Club
  • Coach education clinics that provide modern day methods and philosophies used at the Rangers Football Club