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Rangers Creed

As a Ranger, I support the club motto - "Where All Players are Stars!"

This motto means; 

      > Everyone is Important
      > Everyone is valuable
      > Everyone deserves to be respected

Rangers represent the highest standards in everything we do.  As a Ranger, I believe in the following:

   >  I am part of a Team.  My success or failure depends on my ability to work with and motivate my team members.  If I am not successful, my team is not successful.
   > I am Respectful.   Being disrespectful to another person such as another player, a spectator, an official, or a coach, is unacceptable.  I will not disgrace myself, my team, my club or the game of soccer by disrespecting another person. 
   >  I am Committed.  My success is based on my level of commitment and dedication.  I am committed to making myself, my team and my club successful. 
   >  I have Integrity.   Under all circumstances, I tell the truth and never manipulate others for my own personal gain or success.  


As a Ranger, I believe that I should be held to the highest standards.  I promise, every day, to do my best to display outstanding character.  Each letter in the Rangers name carries meaning:


               esponsible.  I am responsible for my and my team's success or failure.  



              ccountability.  I am accountable for my actions and the actions of my team. 


               ever quit.  I will never quit, no matter the circumstance. 


               racious.  I will be gracious in victory or defeat.  


               xcellence.  I will do my best in everything I do.



               ole model.  I will be a positive role model to others.


               uccess.  I will be successful in soccer and in life.

                                                     I Am a Ranger!!!