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Nov, 2022

Ranger Saturday Indoor Info - Week 1 (11/19) - Rosters, etc...

Below is information regarding our Saturday programs that will begin this Saturday (11/19) at the Classic City Center (3375 Co Rd 427, Waterloo, IN).  Every player should bring indoor shoes (gym shoes are ok), shin guards and a drink.  For any player who did not participate in one of our programs this fall we will have Orange Shirts to hand out on Saturday if you don’t already have one by then.  For any 11u-14u player that is on a team that is Royal Blue this week we ask that you wear any Royal Blue (or Blue) shirt you may already have.  We will also have the Royal Blue shirts we used last year on sale for $5 per shirt for anyone that is interested (as supplies last). 

Please note that after week 1 (and maybe even week 2) we will likely make some changes to our Ranger programs (8u-14u) as we try and assure each Ranger hour / team is competitive with each other (assuming all players show up on any given Saturday).

For more information about winter programming, please see this document

If you have any questions, please contact your Program Manager:

Foundation Phase -- 3u-10u (Born 2013+) – Ethan Hood at 260-444-7584 or [email protected]

Academy Phase -- 11u-14u (Born 2009-2012) – Joe Imhof at 260-564-6078 or [email protected]

SATURDAY SCHEDULE FOR 11/19 (see Team Rosters and notes below)

9am Little Rangers:  Preschool
10am 10u Hour
11am 12u - Rangers Argentina (Royal Blue) vs Rangers Denmark (Orange) -- England helps
12pm 12u - Rangers England (Orange) vs Rangers Germany (Royal Blue) -- Argentina helps
1pm 14u - Rangers USA (Orange) vs Angola Girls
2pm 14u - Rangers Brazil (Orange) vs. Rangers France (Royal Blue)
3pm 14u - Angola Boys vs Lakewood Park 

Little Rangers Preschool (Born 1/1/2018 – 10/31/2020) Program

Little Ranger: Preschool at 9am
Baierwalter, Christopher
Chadbourne, Brantley
Chadbourne, Brody
Golliff, Everet
Hood, Rylie
Kulwicki, Jude
Shultz, Jetson
Sobczak, Bodey
Wakeman, Grayson
Williams, Jordan


10U (2013-2015) Program

As a reminder this age group will play small sided (5v45, 6v6…) games.  Please note that after week 1 we may add a 2nd hour.  We will likely play multiple “games” and may switch players between teams / fields throughout the hour to assure that each game is competitive and that each player is on the appropriate field.  We ask for your patience the first couple of weeks as we try and get everyone onto the appropriate field for their skill level. 

10u Hour (11/19) at 10am
Armstrong, Tennison Likes, Natalie
Arreola-Reyes, Liam Lopez, Wilder
Carteaux, Wade Lunk, Jerzie
Cowen, Abel McGrew, Brooks
Cox, Samuel Miller, Weston
Diggins, Spencer Riesen, Henry
Edgel, Anthem Russell, William
Eicher, Ezekiel Rynearson, Jacob
Handshoe, Easton Sakinovic, Natalia
Harlan, Chayce Shidler, Delphia
Harrington, Paxton Souder, Blayse
Hine, Amelia Souder, Hadley
Horton, Fletcher Strasser, Jack
Horton, Wade Wessel, Cree
Howe, Kinsleigh Williams, Elijah
Hull, Joseph Woods, Liam
King, Cole Zuehsow, Kyler

Tucker, Rylan
Baierle, William

12U (2011-2012) Program

For this group we have 28 players and will make four (4) teams from these players.  We will also ask one other team to show up early and another team to stay late each week, if they want (this is not mandatory), to help play in the other game each week.  This will give us a core of 7 players on each team plus up to 7 more players each week to help “sub” as needed.  This will also allow each player to play with and against everyone else throughout session 1. 

Week #1 (11/19/2022)
Argentina Denmark England Germany
11am (Royal Blue) 11am (Orange) 12pm (Orange) 12pm (Royal Blue)
"England" team players welcome to help @ 11am "Argentina" team players welcome to help @ 12pm

Haiflich, Garrick Byler, Oliver Christian, Brayden Aldrich, Elle
Haiflich, Keller Conrad, Jensen Handshoe, Blake Cumming, Carter
Horton, Harvey Freeze, Gregory Hine, Griffin George, Aryonna
Lapham, Callen Riesen, Max Klok, Brody Holbrook, Anna
McGrew, Broderick Rosebrock, Remington Rosales, Samuel Jones, Emma
Nofzinger, Sullivan Silver, Blake Smith, Wyatt Reed, Emma
Schlatter, Wyatt Thomas, Jaxson Wetzel, Dalton Sparkman, Jayna

14U (2011-2012) Program

For this group we plan to have the Girls team (“USA”) play the Angola Girls team the majority of the weeks (the odd # weeks) for an all girls hour. 

Week #1 (11/19/2022)
Brazil France USA
2pm (Orange) 2pm (Royal Blue) 1pm (Orange)

Bailey, Joseph Cleverly, Dawson Baldwin, Georgie
Bermes, Brayden Conrad, Jayden Baughman, Trinidee
Dangler, Tanner Hersel, Nicholas Hull, Elouise
Hall, Grady Jackson, Conner Kennedy, Corissa
Kohli, Matthias Jones, Riley King, Delia
Sarrazin, Lucas Loucks, Beau Kosmatka, Josephine
Stezowski, Brennan Smith, Blake Lopez, Mia
Wetzel, Damon Viecelli, Bently McNay, Kaylyn
    Norrick, Elena
    Sunday, Allison