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Oct, 2022

Ranger Fundraiser Opportunity!!

Ranger Fundraiser Opportunity!!

Rangers Soccer Academy has a fundraiser account with RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip).  We have not had an administrator to help run this program for a few years so we haven’t been able to promote this as much as we’d like.  Kristie Dailey has graciously volunteered to take this over and will oversee the program for the Rangers.  We wanted to take this opportunity to get this information to everyone.  Thank you Kristie!!


Email about the program from Kristie:

If you are not familiar with RaiseRight (Scrip) it is a fundraiser where you buy gift cards (electronic gift cards, physical gift cards, and reloadable gift cards).   What you pay for the card is the value of the card.  Then every type of card has a different percentage of earning, anywhere from 1% to 20%, the goes to the Rangers.  (Of the percentage earned by the organization 75% goes to your account and 25% to the Rangers). 

You can do some research and look into the program by going to  They also have an App for easy ecard purchases when you want it immediately at a store or restaurant.  Payment for the purchase of your cards would be set up right through your account with online payment.  This is the only way to pay as we are not going to have the option to make cash or check payments to the Rangers Club.  Gift Card Orders will not be placed if you have not already paid online.  You can pay with a credit card but there is a significant fee for that type of payment.  The better option is to use your bank account and have payment directly withdrawn from your account as it just has a $0.15 fee for your entire one time purchase, not per gift card. 

We do encourage the purchase of ecards, or electronic cards, if they are available for the card that you want.  This allows you to have access to the card immediately.  Where as if you order an actual physical gift card the club will only submit the order for delivery once we have enough to make the shipping cost of $7 worth it.  They also get shipped to the Club and then we will have to find a time to distribute them to you, so the ecards are much easier as it may be a few weeks before you get your physical gift card.  The ecards can be printed from the website as well if you want to use to be given as a gift.  We are hoping that the only time we really submit actual gift card orders is at Christmas time.  If we have enough physical gift card orders we will try to get them submitted and ordered more often at Christmas time.

I have been using this program for awhile and usually earn $100-$200 a year with it.  That said here are some examples of how I use the program.      

  1. We will be at a restaurant that has ecards with scrip, the bill comes for $65.  I go on the Raise Right App and purchase a $60 e-gift card right then, the card has a 10% earning.  So I pay $60 and my $0.15 fee, but have earned $6 to go to the Rangers ($4.50 would go towards my players account).    Then you just show the egift card when you pay your bill. 
  2. Needed a new washer, Home Depot usually is only about a 4% earning, but they often have bonus days and it happened to be a 7% percentage.  The washer we want was about $450 after taxes. We buy that much in ecards, use it to pay when we check out and have earned $31.50 for Rangers!
  3. I print off ecards for teacher gifts and family gifts, and I will choose the gift card for a place I know they will like or use but also has a higher percentage of earnings than maybe another one I was considering. 

If you remember to use it, the small amounts add up quickly, and it is very easy to use on the go with the app!  It is even better if you can use towards a major purchase you have to make anyways!

To join please go directly to and sign up using the following enrollment code:

Enrollment Code: L53C2D5429385

The Organization name is All Star Soccer Academy

If you have any questions about the program or have any issues signing up, please feel free to email me, [email protected]

Kristie Dailey
[email protected]