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Aug, 2022

Guardian of the Game (Club A/R) Request

Fellow Rangers,


Starting with spring 2022 season, each Indiana Soccer Club team is required to have a minimum of two (2) Club AR’s at each game, who will step in when the referee crew is short due to a no-show. 

Now, it is time for adults in the Rangers Soccer Club to invest 15 minutes of their time, take a 10 question quiz, and become a


Guardian of the Game


This program has been designed by Indiana Soccer to ensure that if an official can't show up for a scheduled game, a "Guardian of the Game" can fill in as an Assistant Referee, helping the Center Referee identify ONLY when the ball goes in or out of bounds.  No fouls or offside calls are to be called by a Guardian Assistant Referee.


Please consider helping the game, which will in turn help our players. 

Only 15 minutes, and it is free.

Please let us know when you complete the course.

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