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Mar, 2021

Travel Team Practice Schedule - SPRING 2021

The practice schedules for the spring season were just finalized and we wanted to get them to you as soon as we could.  All these items will be added to the Club Calendar early this week 

From now until 4/11 we are under the assumption that the grass fields will not be ready (worst case) and that everyone will be on the turf and since we also share the turf field with the YMCA leagues the scheduling is very difficult until we know the grass is available.  We need to at least plan this way to assure access.  

This means that each team may only have access to as little as 1/6 of the turf each night.  We encourage everyone to see the bright side and remember how fortunate we are that we DO have access to a turf field and that everyone is still practicing.  Once we have approval from Field Maintenance department we will use the grass fields and our options increase.  Once this happens a few teams may decide to modify their practice plan. 

All practices will be Outdoors at the YMCA Soccer Complex located at 1153 N Indiana Ave, Auburn, IN 46706

Please note that the practices for the ISL Travel teams will start on Monday 3/22, the practices for the 12u Rec+ team will start on Wednesday 3/31 and our Academy practices will start on Thursday 4/8. 

STARTING Monday 3/22 (all practices are 90 minutes)

11u Coed - Monday and Wednesday's at 5pm 
12u Coed - Monday and Wednesday's at 5pm 
13u Coed - Varies each week (your Manager will send your schedule but for the first two weeks (3/25-4/03) are Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 3pm

14u Coed - Tuesday's at 5pm and Friday's at 6:30pm
15u Boys - Tuesday's at 6:30pm and Friday's at 5pm
16u Boys - Monday and Wednesday's at 6:15pm
17u Boys - Monday's at 5pm and Wednesday's at 6:30pm

19u Boys - Monday's at 6:30pm and Wednesday's at 5pm
19u Girls - Monday's and Thursday's at 6:30pm

STARTING Wednesday 3/31 (all practices are 60 minutes)
12u Rec+ - Wednesday's at 6:30-7:30

STARTING Thursday 4/08
Academy Practices - 6pm

Rangers Academy