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Feb, 2021

Rangers & CCC Winter Weather Policy

Just to confirm all activities tonight (02/17/2021) are still on.

Please note that all Ranger and CCC activities are not cancelled just because school is cancelled.  Please see below for details on winter weather.  

The CCC will always be open unless there is a Snow Emergency in DeKalb county.  As long as the CCC is open all Saturday league games will be played as scheduled and there will be no opportunity to make them up at a later date.  With that being said, we know the roads can be bad and many activities may be cancelled even though there is not a Snow Emergency, so we encourage all families to use their best judgement on whether they want to travel to the CCC or not.  

However, for all practices at the CCC (School of Excellence, Travel Team practices, Academy practices) we do not follow the CCC policy.  We will cancel practices if we have concerns with travel.  There does not have to be a snow emergency before we will cancel practices.  If we decide to cancel practices we will send out an email and also post on our   The CCC will not post on their website if we cancel practices.   Again, if we decide to hold a practice and you are concerned about the weather please use your best judgement.  We have families that live in all directions from the CCC, so the weather may be much worse from where you are driving from or you have a greater distance to drive.  

Please be safe.