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Jan, 2021

Spring Uniform Orders plus Spirit Wear and Warm-Ups - New Window

We have worked with our supplier and have one last ordering window to purchase your Uniforms for this spring as well as any other Rangers item including Warm-Ups and spirit wear.  

This order window is open until Sunday 02/21/2021.  Please note that these orders will have a shipping cost and be delivered directly to your door.  The orders are scheduled to be delivered to you by 03/16/2021

Travel Players:  If you want to get a uniform with a number of your choice, please order now.  For new Rangers or anyone wanting to change their number, please see the “Travel Player and New Number” instructions below.

Please note
:  the Sizes for the Jerseys, Shorts and Warm-Ups can be viewed in one of the pictures for that item type (in the bottom left portion of the screen, underneath the main picture).  The Sock sizes are listed in the “Description” area.   We also now have the option for a Women’s fit for our Jerseys and Shorts for the Adult Sizes.  Please note the Women’s sizes are all Adult (not Youth). 

Uniform Order Link:

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


If you are a New Travel Player or want to change your number, here is the procedure:

1. When you fill out the request for the Uniform number on the ordering website, simply enter your first choice for number.

2. We highly recommend that you then fill out this 
Ranger Uniform Number Selection Form that will allow for you to pick a total of four numbers in case your first choice of numbers has been taken.  Please make sure your first choice on the Google form matches what you ordered on the website.  If you do not fill out this Google Form and your choice of Uniform number is not available, we will pick a number for you.  For reference, once a player has a number, that number will remain with that player throughout their Ranger career unless they decide to switch numbers. 

3. Then once the ordering window has closed we will work with the supplier to assign each player a number based on your requests and the available numbers for your team.  If you've ordered your uniform and filled out the Google Form that's all you'll need to do, we'll take care of the rest.

Also, if you are a New Player everything that you need to play games is included in the “Team Bundle” which includes a Home and Away Jersey & Socks as well as one pair of Shorts (used for both Home and Away).