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Jan, 2020

Saturday Indoor Games Update - Session 2 (1/25/20)

Ranger families,

Good morning.  I apologize for the delay on sending this out but there have been multiple last minute changes that were beyond our control, I thank you for your patience.    

Below is the schedule for this Saturday 01/25.  Please note that we will likely modify teams (12u and 14u) after Week 1 to ensure that all of our Ranger teams are as even as possible (assuming each team is not missing any players).  We will have a schedule for Saturday 02/01 early next week but the general times for your age group should be similar (12u with 10-12pm start times & 14U with 1-3pm start times .  As a reminder we will have seven (7) Saturday's of games but will have 
NO ACTIVITIES ON Saturday 2/8.  The Session will then end on Saturday 3/14.

If you are on a 12U or 14U division team and can not make it to any game this session, please let me know as soon as you can so we can plan accordingly (you can respond to this email).

Please note that our 14U division currently only has 5 teams so one team each week (PSG this week) will play two games back to back.  

Everyone, regardless of your time should bring shoes (gym shoes are fine), shin guards and water or other beverage.  For the Mini-Rangers we ask that you bring a soccer ball, preferably a Size 3 but a Size 4 will also work.  For the other ages, you are more than welcome to bring a ball (10U = Size 3, 12U = Size 4 and 14U = Size 5) but it's not mandatory.  

If you already have one of our Red Ranger shirts from the fall (Travel, Academy or 4v4 player) or Winter (Session 1 Games or Academy) please bring that shirt this Saturday.  We will also be handing out shirts this Saturday for any new players.  If you are a 12u or 14u player and your team color for this week is Navy Blue, please bring a Navy Blue or other dark color shirt if possible.  

01/25 Schedule
9am Mini Rangers

10am 12U Timbers (Red) vs. 12U Angola
11am 12U Galaxy (Red) vs. 12U Westview
12pm 12U Dynamo (Red) vs. 12U Ligonier

1pm 14U PSG (Red) vs. 14U Atletico (Navy)
      14U PSG (Red) vs. 14U Angola
3pm 14U Bayern (Red) vs. 14U Dortmund (Navy)

4pm ALL 10U Ranger Players (Red)


Mini-Rangers (2013-2015 Birth Years) 
-- Saturday's at 9am
-- See "Club Calendar" on for Schedule
Austin Best
Decklynn Brown
Abel DeWitt
Isaac DeWitt
Ezekiel Eicher
Reed Ford
Joseph Hull
Cody Kroemer
Jase Kroemer
Collin McKean
Dylan Pfefferkorn
10U Group (2010-2012 Birth Years)
-- Academy Practices are on Wednesday's at 5pm
-- Games on Saturdays will ALL be at 4pm on 01/25.
-- See "Club Calendar" on for Sch & Team Colors

Tyler Christner
Harry Evans
Gregory Freeze
Johnathyn Grimm
Landon Guiser
Elouise Hull
Tate Kitchen
Evan Kolar
Keegan Kops
Reed Miller
Eliot Van Order
Cameron Palumbo
Mackenzie Parker
Maddison Parker
Samual Rosales
Lukas Staedtler
Matthew Staedtler
Bently Viecelli
Parker Vince
Lillian Winkle
Natalie Winkle
Colton Wood
12U Group (2008-2009 Birth Years) 
-- Academy Practices are on Tuesday's at 5pm
-- Games on Saturdays will likely be at either 10am, 11am or 12pm
-- See "Club Calendar" on for Sch & Team Colors
01/25 @ 11am = Red
01/25 @ 10am = Red
01/25 @ 12am = Red
Liam Ahdel Gabriel Armstrong Dawson Cleverly
Ferdinando Amato Cooper Cook Isaac DeVries
Eden Eicher Wyatt Lash Eli Devries
Riley Jones Levi Lorenc Erickson Dietsch
Corissa Kennedy Alexandra Lorenc Emma Dunning
Brandon Krueckeberg Franchesca Lorenc Kody Fuller
Jayden Lewis Abishai Maung Christian Johnson  
Elliott Neal Reese Norrick Elec Kimball
Blake Smith Bayden Quinn Hayden Korte
Timothy Van Curen Maddox Smith Nick Rex
Weber Yarian Jordan Taylor Eliana Shaffer
14U Group (2006-2007 Birth Years) 
-- Academy Practices are on Wednesday's at 4pm
-- Games on Saturdays will likely be at either 1pm, 2pm or 3pm
-- See "Club Calendar" on for Sch & Team Colors
01/25 @ 1pm = Navy
01/25 @ 3pm = Red
01/25 @ 1pm AND 2pm = Red
01/25 @ 3pm = Navy
Rocco Bergquist Mahlan Dircksen Asher Augenstein Weston Gray
Raj Chaudhari Silas Hand Landon Best Jeremiah Imhof
Cooper Harris Zebadiah Hand Bryce Booth Parker Jaeger
Imanol Hernandez Benji Hazbic Carter Cox Ryan Morris
Brady Jones Leo Hull Myles Dobson Deegan Munk
Efren Ramirez Carter Neumann Coleton Jones Santiago Rascon
Easton Ratcliffe Isaac Schweitzer Braydon Kennedy Tennason Riedel
Findley Romanetz Trey Soulliere Elijah Lorenc Edvin Sakanovic
Cameron Steury Nolan Wood Niko Pontecorvo Owan Tackett
Peyton Straessle
Logan Straessle
Evan Worden Sash Pontecorvo
Hudson Roth
Olivia Winkle
Eduardo Gonzalez