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Oct, 2019

A Simple Reminder to All

Fellow Rangers,

We just received the below message from the Indiana Soccer League (ISL) that I wanted to share with everyone.  I will add that I've been to well over two dozen games this fall between Ranger and High School games and I'm happy to say I haven't seen any behavior like this at all. 

Let's continue to try and be the good examples on the sidelines that the other players, Clubs and parents point to on how to act. 


A Simple Reminder to All -

I have had the pleasure of serving as your State Director of Coaching Education for the past 8 years. My job includes a variety of duties of which include player development; coach development and parent engagement.     Indiana Soccer has offered multiple platforms by which we attempt to offer education in these areas with the ultimate goal of "creating a safe environment for our players to grow and develop".

During the past three weeks of ISL fall league play in Indiana, a large increase in behavior issues amongst coaches and supporters on the spectator sideline have caused matches to be abandoned; suspensions handed out to players, coaches and even spectators. We have had spectators enter the field; coaches refuse to aks supporters to temper their displeasure of match calls by the referee and even saw one such spectator entering the field - punching and knocking out another adult.   

In reviewing the 600+ referee reports on matches this fall, George Perry (ISL Commissioner), has received over 20+ reports have indicated inappropriate conduct on the spectator or coaching sideline - resulting in send-offs; termination of games or simple rulings of "No Contest" due to matches being abandoned.   I believe you would agree that this is not the environment you wish your child to be playing in.

Part of being a supporter of those playing this beautiful game is to remember who the adults are and who the players are. Remember, the players will act in accordance with what their "role models" (the adults) demonstrate as appropriate behavior. All of these instances have occurred in our youth leagues, which are below the high school age level.   

As a member of Indiana Soccer, we have a code of conduct that we ask our adults to follow. A reminder of what it states:

INDIANA SOCCER CODE OF CONDUCT We, the coaches, team managers, and proud parents/relatives of an Indiana Soccer Association registered player, promise to be a model coach, manager, spectator at games in which our son / daughter/relative is a participant, as well as at other games where youth are present with us.

We Will:

·          encourage fair play

·          cheer in a positive manner for all players, regardless of which team they represent

·          not criticize the performance of my child or his / her teammates

·          not criticize the opponents of our team

·          not embarrass my own player by my behavior

·          allow the coaches to do the coaching, and coaches will conduct themselves in a model way

·          show respect for the game officials by not criticizing them or undermining their authority in the eyes of our players

·          display good sportsmanship as a positive example for my player

With only a few weeks left in the season before the winter break and the spring season begins - let's reflect and ask ourselves - "Can't we do better"?   I think our players deserve safe environments; coaches who are allowed to coach; supporters who support and leave the coaching to the coaches, and an environment where players can hear their teammates and are allowed to make decisions in the game (right or wrong), that allow them to develop their skills and abilities.

Encourage the Will. Compliment the Skill,

  Steve Franklin

Director of Coaching Education/Player Development

Indiana Soccer Association